Although it may seem difficult, encouraging children to skateboard can provide tremendous benefits for their physical and mental development and health. In addition to improving physical health, the benefits of skateboarding for children are also many for their mental health and development. You can buy kids longboard as their gift and start teaching them the benefits of skateboarding.

1. Improve Coordination and Balance
Skateboarding is not just about maintaining balance when standing on a moving board.

According to international fitness and health experts, skateboarding will train the coordination of the eyes, legs, arms, and hands of children, so that it will help them be more adept at doing various sports and activities.

2. Train Persistent Children to Achieve Goals
When a child skates, there will definitely be times when he falls and fails when he learns to make new moves. Even so, he had to get up again to practice and improve himself so that his skateboarding abilities improved.

Playing skateboarding not only trains children to never give up to achieve goals, but also encourages children to dare to try new things, and train their minds to stay calm and focused in any situation.

The benefits of skateboarding for children are called growth mindset or growth mindset that is important to support their success in the future.

3. Reducing the Risk of Stress and Depression
The Hull Services organization has even made skateboarding a part of the therapy for children who have experienced trauma due to conflict, depression, anxiety, and abuse.

Following a neuro sequential approach, staff providing therapy see major advances in children’s mental health after regular skateboarding. According to them, skateboarding is a means for children to relieve their thoughts and release tension in a safe and healthy way.

4. Increase in Metabolism
The variation of active movements and body position when practicing turns out to bring unexpected benefits of skateboarding for children namely increased metabolism. A good body metabolism will maintain the balance of sugar and fat levels in the blood so that the child is protected from the risk of obesity and diabetes. In addition, metabolism can also improve the function of body organs, absorption of nutrients, regeneration of cells and fine tissues, eliminating toxins, and regulating body heat.

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