SEO and AdWords experts are arguing about which one is more effective, using SEO or Adwords to perform optimizations aimed at not only increasing awareness but also aiming to increase sales. Without much debate, we actually know that SEO and Adwords have similarities in terms of keyword settings, as well as a quality content creation strategy. In conclusion, the ideal thing we can do is use both to get maximum results. In the meantime, you can also check out local seo experts uk guide if you’re looking for a unique SEO strategy.

By combining the advantages of SEO and Adwords, we can improve the ranking of websites while improving marketing

Let’s look at the following explanation:

Google Adwords

The great power of Google Adwords is the tools (tools) that can help you understand how internet users search. With this tool, you can quickly understand and test with a variety of more controlled variables. The data you get from this test can be used also for SEO purposes to improve your website ranking. Google Adwords advertising system requires you to be more active in knowing traffic development. It’s also very good to help you compete with your competitors because it can provide the accurate data you need to get more customers from the internet.


Compared to Adwords, SEO has long-term and cumulative nature of the processing, making it very useful for your long-term achievements. For this purpose, data obtained from tests on Adwords tools can be used to help optimize your website. Not only does it help with conversion rates, combining Adwords and SEO, but it will also help your website optimize in the long run and benefit you to get higher rankings on search engines.

Once learned, and understand exactly what SEO is, what is Google Adwords, along with the function of both, it turns out SEO and Google Adwords have the power of mutual support is much larger than what we know if we can combine the advantages of each, one of them is information gained from Adwords tools related to keywords and their effectiveness level can be used to support SEO campaigns.

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