When the heart is sad, frantic, hopeless, lonely and angry because of the disease and illness we fight, it is not uncommon for this to bring us into a person who prays more often and use miracle healing prayers. This will bring us to become a person closer to the Almighty. But, praying is not only done when the heart is sad and restless. At any opportunity, whenever and wherever, we are always obliged to pray and offer our thanks and hope to God. Praying has a myriad of benefits for physical and mental health. Praying also becomes an activity that can make us a person who is always positive thinking, calmer and free from various physical and psychological health problems.

A study conducted by psychologists in 2014 mentioned that praying is useful for preventing and overcoming stress. The power of prayer can even make a person avoid the risk of depression as well as other psychological problems. The power of prayer can make a person calmer, not easily discouraged and positive thinking. In addition to preventing and dealing with stress, praying is also beneficial to make you feel happier. The scientists who published their findings in the JAMA Networks Journal said that people who like to attend religious services and have a strong religious or religious provision are happier than others. Not only is he happy, but his family is also happier, more prosperous and more patient.

A study conducted by scientists at Harvard School of Public Health said that people who are religious and like to pray in mosques, in temples, in churches or places of worship according to their respective beliefs generally have a long life. Those who worship sincerely, sincerely and hope for God’s pleasure will generally live healthier, calmer and happier. Prayers are believed to have a strong immune system. A mind that is always positive, a calm and happy heart is one reason why people who are diligent in praying have a strong immune system. People who love to pray, patience and sincerity can also avoid the risk of heart and high blood pressure.

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