Many people have graduated and worked but they have financial difficulties because they have not managed to manage finances while being students. This then becomes a habit that impacts their daily lives. People want Finance advise but they sometimes keep their bad habits when it comes to financial management.

Those who can manage their finances well are those who always make financial records. Although it looks simple, some people don’t do it. Your parent may advise you to have financial records. You have to record your income and expenses every day, don’t waste it and save the rest. That’s usually what they say to you who will start life as a student. There is one other important thing that has been missed by their advice. Do you know that you record your income and expenses every day is not enough to save your finances every month?

Besides you know your potential income, you also need to know what you need and what you want to buy every month. Before you start to record all your expenses, you also have to record what might be your expenses each month.

After you know it all, then you have to be “self-aware” if it turns out that your parent sometimes can’t transfer money as much as you need. You must prioritize the most important things for your life as a student. You can remove your list if you don’t need to buy certain products that you want.

If you always feel that the money you get is lacking, you can try several businesses that you can do while you are studying. This can help you help your financial condition. You can enjoy your life and you can run your hobby if you have a stable or good financial condition.

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