Electrical disturbances often occur undetected, and certainly, we cannot see with the eyes. We need the assistance of a licensed electrician Columbia SC for further investigation. In general, many problems with electrical lines that experience interference such as voltage fluctuations, or interruption of electrical current. To overcome this problem is not easy, because to overcome this need sufficient knowledge about electricity. This article will discuss more electricity problems that often occur and solutions.

Electrical interference sources such as voltage spikes/transients often occur but can not be known directly. Usually, the effects of this disturbance will be felt after all this time, for example, the damage to electrical equipment, or electronic devices. In addition to spike or transient voltages, there are also other common disturbances such as voltage fluctuations or which mean the rise and fall of the mains voltage. The interference can cause damage to electronic equipment, such as televisions, and computer devices.

5 General Categories of Electrical Disorders
1. Over or under voltage
This interference with the excess or lack of electrical voltage can cause various electrical equipment that has a power supply circuit (such as a computer) that can not be operated or die, but it can also cause a damaged power supply. This disturbance can be observed for example by looking at lights that are getting fainter or brighter than usual.

2. Total loss of line
This disturbance is caused by a break in the electrical transmission line, either from a high, medium or low voltage. The impact of this disruption is that electrical or electronic equipment does not get electricity supply, and this interference does not seriously damage electronic equipment.

3. Voltage fluctuations
This disorder generally occurs in a short time. This disturbance is caused by changes in electricity load that occur suddenly on an electricity network.

4. Spike or transient voltage
This interference basically resembles a voltage fluctuation, but the voltage fluctuation is very fast and there is a peak voltage that jumps high in a short time.

5. Combination of several disorders above

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