Having a passive income is important for everyone. Moreover, at this time many people have a lot of needs but they are limited because the money from their income every month or week is not enough www.minds.com/joemoblog/blog/10-things-you-must-know-about-affiliate-marketing-1025985315409915904. Many people take part in affiliate marketing training to be able to get passive income from online. Yes, this is indeed easy and makes everyone interested. The money you get from affiliate marketing can also be used as initial capital to make money work and increase your income.

How to Make Money Work
One of the things that need to be observed when we talk about passive income is the system. Is the system? The system is a collection of subsystems (people, machines, money, methods, materials) that work together to meet certain objectives. An easier understanding is that when you want to get a passive income, you need to make a machine that can print your money.

Is printing money legal or illegal? Printing money here means we have a business system. As an illustration, we rent out our house. What system do you need? It might be a marketing system, a billing system, a complaint acceptance system, a repair system, and other systems.

Talking about the system about how to, so that we have a system?
We can make the system ourselves or we can buy it. What are the advantages and disadvantages of creating your own system and buying a system?

Make a System
The advantage of making the system is that we really control our business machines from A – Z. The weaknesses require high competence, supported by the team, the cost is a quite expensive and relatively long time.

Example: You develop a system for a clothing store. You begin to build ways for marketing, systems for purchasing clothes, systems for payments, systems for employees and other systems.

Buy a System
The advantage of buying a system is that it is relatively short, it is clear from A to Z. The disadvantage is that we don’t have the flexibility to change an existing system.

Example: If we buy a burger food franchise, we already have food trucks, seasonings, recipes, ingredients, tools, uniforms, employee training, to applications to monitor business development.

When we buy a system there is a price we must pay. Is the system expensive or inexpensive? You can choose it depending on your reference.

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