Many guys nowadays are in too much of a hurry after getting a girl’s number and immediately texting without a strategy that will end up boring for their crush. All because they do not have the direction and purpose of a well-planned conversation. If you want to do approach a girl successfully, learn how to plan before texting a girl you like. Gather as much information as possible about her such as family background, where does she lives, school/college/work and what topics she interested in? This is the era of information and technology, all of that only takes 10-15 minutes of research through social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. The goal is that you have a picture of your crush personality and interest in any topic.

Set your target, are you targeting to be able to invite her to go this weekend? Do you have time, do you think she can? If you can’t, what is your backup plan? Prepare a stock of memes, jokes or funny videos that you think are right for her. Update your information about the things that are followed, so that your conversation can be more connected later. No less important, prepare your time. You need to understand, everyone has their activities. Even though she showed a good response to the efforts from you, the time will come when your crush has other important things to think about. You can see these signs when she starts ‘a little longer’ replying to your chat or replies start shortly like “Ok”, “Yes”, “That’s true,” and so on. Just leave yourself elegantly, “Uh, sorry, I just got word from work, there is something important that I have to take care of first, I’ll let you know, chat you later.”

The purpose of this stage is to ensure that you are compatible and want to continue to a more serious level of relationship, right? The basic principle, the first week since you started to text her you should be able to take the courage to invite her to meet up and go together. Either to eat or watch movies together or just get a coffee, the important thing is to meet in person so that you can feel whether you feel ‘clicked’ to continue or just get here.

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