Riding a motorcycle while wearing sunglasses is often considered stylish or cool. But basically, they use sunglasses because they don’t want to be dazzled when on the streets. Moreover, using sunglasses when riding will actually be comfortable because of the dazzling sun exposure during the day can be reduced. However, there are some rules to choose the best sunglasses for riding motorcycle.

This also makes us provide special tips that riders need to be aware of when going to wear sunglasses, namely:

1. UV protection

We recommend choosing glasses with UV protection features. These glasses function to minimize the ultraviolet (UV) rays that attack the eye.

In addition, with the UV protection feature, you will feel comfortable because the view is shadier.

2. Lens selection

There are many types of lenses to choose from. But specifically for riding, you should choose sunglasses with polarized lenses.

This material functions as a chromatic photo or is able to absorb sunlight up to 98 percent and is able to adjust to UV light.

In other words, when you are indoors, the lens of the glasses will turn bright so that the view can be wider, and when outside the room, the lens will automatically turn dark so the sun will not make you glare.

3. Equipped with scratch-resistant

Motorcycle riding sunglasses are mostly used outdoors and are at risk of exposure to dust. To maximize its function, you should choose the type of lens that has a scratch-resistant or scratch-resistant power.

The price is a little expensive, but believe me, the quality provided is very reliable to support your activities while riding.

4. Comfortable frame

In addition to focusing on the lens, you also need to choose glasses with frames that are comfortable and designed to follow the contours of your face (sporty or curved design according to the shape of the face).

Also make sure you choose a frame that is not too heavy, but strong. Also, make sure the handle of the frame is flexible and does not get in the way when using a helmet.

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