Hearing the waves, the touch of sand, and the warmth of the sun can immediately add to the joy of the holidays. Holidays on the country’s famous beaches can also make your mind fresher and clearer. However, if you decide to visit brigantine beach, we recommend you to learn more about that beach by visiting the Brigantine Beach Guide website.

Before going to the beach, read some beach vacation tips with the family to make your vacation more enjoyable and safe:

Watch Visit Hours

When going on vacation to the beach, we must pay attention to certain hours. At certain hours we should avoid direct sun exposure which is irradiated on the skin. If you still want to sunbathe, use protection such as umbrellas and tents that are usually available on the beach.

Wear a hat, sunglasses, and use a sunblock

Hats, sunglasses, and sunblock are good protectors when playing on the beach. This is useful to minimize direct sun exposure on the skin and eyes.

Check the Water Condition

Before doing activities on the beach, such as swimming, it is better to ask the coast guard first about the condition of the beach. Whether it’s high tide or low tide, choppy or calm. Ask also about dangerous animals that might be around the beach.

Watch Around When You Want to Swim

Some beaches have coral or plants that might tear the skin when we swim through it. Observe certain flags and signs posted in potentially dangerous areas.

Do not touch the local nature reserve

We need to tell the family not to touch the local nature reserves, both plants, and animals. Remind about preserving the environment.

Always supervise children when at the beach

Always watch your child when at the beach from the deep water and the beach atmosphere is too crowded so as not to separate from each other.

Bring Mineral Water

Do not forget to bring a supply of mineral water to avoid dehydration during a vacation at the beach, bring enough mineral water.

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