When you rent a car, you must know the latest types of car rental prices that you can use as recommendations and considerations, especially before renting a vehicle so as not to be fooled by unfair prices. Meanwhile, you can go to the luxury prestige car hire company if you want to rent high-class cars at fair prices.

Rent a Car with a Long Time a Day

The most widely offered at the moment is car rental on a daily basis. In other words, you can rent the car for 6, 12 or 24 hours and even multiples of that time.

When renting a car with these calculations, you must return it according to the time of the agreement. In addition, service providers also invite customers to use or without a driver with different pricing conditions.

Monthly Car Rental

Aside from the daily count, the car rental service providers also provide a monthly version. Of course, this will have a more affordable price than using the type per day, so it will save certain expenses.

Rent a monthly car is usually used for business purposes or go home when Eid arrives. Well, the count of this package payment is 30 days, even though you have returned it before the due date.

Rent a car with or without driver

If you can run your own car skillfully, then choose this package. Here the service provider will rent out their vehicle without an innate driver. So, the party has entrusted completely to the customer.

This type of rental service is preferred by customers because they are freer to go anywhere. However, you need to remember that, when using the service usually must be accompanied by guarantees and certain conditions to avoid fraud and irresponsibility.

City Tour Car Rental

Users of this type of car rental service are usually those who will travel or go out of town or province. The package is pretty much in demand especially by school agencies when vacation time arrives.

This type of service is flexible depending on customer demand, to go anywhere they want to be based on time and price agreement. Certainly, the car will be driven by a reliable driver, so you don’t need to worry about safety.

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